Call our diaspora - read and contact us!

Utorak, 18 Siječanj 2011 07:02 administrator

Eight months ago we established this site with only once desire - renew and improve life in our villages after the last war.

One of ways is connection with our diaspora, who is numerous around the world. We believe also that many of our emigrants want to contact old neighborhood. That's point of our joint interest, and our joint opportunity.

We know that many younger members of our diaspora don’t speak well serbs language. Do not worries - contact us on english and - learn serbs.

On this site you will find much information about life, situation, problems, actions, people, etc.... in Vrebac, Pavlovac Vrebački and Zavođe Vrebačko. Help us improve site according to your needs.

Join us. We expect you!


Ažurirano Srijeda, 19 Siječanj 2011 05:14