The "Program for renewing the community centre" in Vrebac has been started

Ponedjeljak, 18 Rujan 2017 21:02 administrator

The Steering committee of the "Serbian national reading room in Vrebac" Society has adopted the Decision to start the


The program encompasses the technical rebuilding, furnishing and landscaping of the entire complex.

The 595.500 kunas (about 79.700 euros) are to be provided for the reconstruction, according to the Program. The Decision of the Steering Committee foresees that the funds are to be provided from the budget of the Republic of Croatia, from foreign institutions and from the donations of both companies and individuals.

We invite all those interested to contribute to the realization of this program with their engagement and donations, which will insure the quality work of the Society, the renewal and development of the social life of those living in Vrebac, and all those who, through the Society or otherwise, wish to be included in our social life, and help build the foundations of the renewal of Vrebac itself.

Information about the Program for the renewal of the community centre, the process of acquiring resources and its realization will be published on the website.


Translated by: Vladimir Ivančević

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