An invitation for donations for the renewal of the Community center in Vrebac

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The Decision of the Steering Committee adopted on September 14th, 2017 has initiated the


The Decision has adopted the initial estimate of the investment to be 597.500 Kuna (79.700 Euros, 1 Euro = 7.50 Kunas), the sources of funding the the timeline for its realization, and regular public reporting on the Program's fulfillment has also been ensured.

The source of funding include: budgetary funds of the Republic of Croatia and equally foreign funds and institutions as well as domestic and foreign donations from companies and individuals, and a regular revision of the budget is hereby to be executed in order to keep track of the funds.

In the meantime, an application has been made to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, on the basis of an advertised contest, and applications to local and regional governments are also underway, so that the funds of those governments can be planned for the year 2018, and the monitoring of other available options in the Republic of Croatia has also been ensured.

We are especially monitoring possible funding for cultural needs from the Republic of Serbia, as well as donations from other countries through their embassies in the Republic of Croatia, is order to acquire the necessary documentation in time, and apply for Program funding.

We hereby invite all donors, individuals and companies in the Republic of Croatia and abroad to participate in the funding, by donating to the Society. The account in question has been opened at the Privredna banka Zagreb:

IBAN – HR37 2340 0091 1108 7819 2 - for the funding of the Community center in Vrebac.

Donations will be gathered until June 1st 2018, and the rebuilding and furnishing of the community center is to be completed by December 31st 2018.

The Program's realization is under the jurisdiction of the Steering Committee of the Society, and more information about the Program for the renewal of the community center in Vrebac can be seen in the attachment (avaliable only in the serbs / croatian language).

Traslated by Vladimir Ivančević

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